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In my ten year career I have dealt with many different legal cases, and I have realized that every case can hide pitfalls to be avoided to safeguard the clients’ interests. During my apprenticeship in a legal and notary firm I learnt that each case must be dissected and carefully studied in order to be prepared for unexpected developments. I’m now very proud to be able to offer one to one tailored assistance based on my knowledge and experience which allows me to fulfill my clients’ needs in the best possible way. But not only. I have come to realize that anyone in need of legal advice first and foremost looking for an expert who is correct, clear and above all trust worthy, when solving legal problems and doubts. It gives me great satisfaction when a client thanks me for having put “his mind at rest”.

My main aim has always been to create a relationship of mutual trust between the person who requires my help and myself and I’m delighted when I become the client’s point of reference. In recent years my passion for all that is British has pushed me to offer a new service to English speaking people who need legal advice here in Italy, and especially in Tuscany. I know that foreign people who have dealings with our spectacular country are often worried or even frightened because of our different culture and lifestyle, and rightly so because a lack of knowledge of our laws and ways can be a potential mine field. It is here that I can help them to move in the right way. Even though Italy is a often described as a marvelous and “crazy” place, Tuscany is appreciated worldwide as a paradise, also because it is unique.

I’m not only advertising my legal firm by offering the services described in the single sections, but also something similar to a “front office” which foreign guests to our country can turn to as a first approach to overcoming problems related to my profession (thanks to the collaboration of a team of experts - Notary, architects, accountants, surveyors - ). Here the client can receive useful tips which could help them during their time here. Please feel free to post your request in the form below. A first consultation will be free of charge. The favorable references and comments I have received from my foreign clients and colleagues, which can be read on this site, have confirmed to me that my approach and working method is well appreciated.

Avv. Luca Trinchera

Services we specialise in:

Real Estate Law. Thanks to the cooperation with a team of experts (Notary, accountants, surveyors) we provide highly professional legal assistance throughout buying and selling procedures from...


Services we specialise in:

Inheritance Law. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive assistance regarding the Italian succession procedure...


Services we specialise in:

Contract Law. We are meticulous in preparing private contracts (renting, bailment offering and aim to find the best solution in accordance to Italian Law and Italian Fiscal System...


Services we specialise in:

Property Law. We advise clients on all aspects relating to the management and running of estates...


Services we specialise in:

Litigations. The work of our legal firm covers many aspects of civil court cases including property disputes, contract disputes...

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Five things to know...

#2 Travel in Italy by car

1.The first thing may seem obvious but is often...
2. If you come from the UK or South Africa, or where driving is on the left, remember that in Italy driving is on the right!
3. Traffic in Italy is very chaotic, especially in and near big cities.
4. Should you be involved in a car accident remember this free phone...
5.The Italian compensation procedure in these cases is very complex and if you’re not an expert you’ll probably be offered a small...

Useful phone numbers:

118 Medical Assistance
112 Carabinieri
113 Police
115 Firemen

Client Testimonials:

Whilst on holiday in Italy I was unfortunately in a serious road accident. Due to my extremely basic knowledge of the Italian language and of Italian law, on my recovery I found it virtually impossible to progress with any sort of claim for my injuries. I was introduced to Luca Trinchera. After an initial meeting, I instructed them to progress with my claim. All my dealings with them where conducted in English and I was delighted that my case was successful, resulting in a significant sum being awarded. Thank you Luca.