Clients' Testimonials:

"Whilst on holiday in Italy I was unfortunately in a serious road accident. Due to my extremely basic knowledge of the Italian language and of Italian law, on my recovery I found it virtually impossible to progress with any sort of claim for my injuries. I was introduced to Luca Trinchera. After an initial meeting, I instructed them to progress with my claim. All my dealings with them where conducted in English and I was delighted that my case was successful, resulting in a significant sum being awarded."

Thank you Luca!

"Being a resident in the UK of Italian heritage I recently inherited a family property. Not speaking Italian and unaware of where to start on selling a house in Italy, I was delighted to be introduced to Avv. Luca Trinchera. The company is very professional and all my correspondence being in English made a potentially very difficult task extremely easy and stress free. My property is now sold and Luca is currently helping me in my search for a smaller holiday apartment. I could not recommend him highly enough."

"Lovely gentleman who will help you with anything legal required.
I would recommend Avv. Luca Trinchera for any work required to ensure peace of mind whether purchasing or renovating a property.  Luca will always check with any professional he believes necessary to make sure the outcome is always a good one.  Luca is always kind, speaks English very well and goes that extra mile for his Clients."

"I wish to thank you for the invaluable advice and assistance you gave to my husband and I during last year. At a time when we were feeling quite daunting at the prospect of trying to navigate through a foreign legal system we were fortunate to be introduced to you. Your untiring professionalism, knowledge and excellent command of the English language and genuinely caring attitude soon made us feel that we had not only found a good lawyer but also a friend.
Even after our first meeting we came away feeling that we were not alone. Without your guidance, Luca, I cannot imagine how many unwitting bureaucratic errors we could have made.
We now realize that “small errors” can have “ big consequences”.
Again you have a heart-felt thanks for have us steered safely to shore, and we will most certainly recommend to anyone in need of an excellent English speaking lawyer to turn to you."


,"I needed help with my real estate property and was lucky enough to reach out to Avv. Luca Trinchera.  As a U.S. citizen with property in Italy and not speaking the language, I was unsure how to handle a few issues that I needed to attend to.  Luca got me the answers I needed.  He even made suggestions that kept my costs down so that I did not have to pay for needless work.  He also went out of his way to help me find other English speaking professionals.   If I have any future legal work I will not hesitate to contact Luca again!”


“Great work, very friendly, competent and successful. Highly recommended!“


“What a really good guy and a great outfit. Bought my "Piccolo pezzo d'Italia" with Luca's help: Efficient, proficient and pleasant: nothing was too much trouble, everything made clear and simple. He is my "Man that Can" in Italy from now on.“


Colleagues' comments:


I am writing as a Scottish Solicitor who has had dealings with Luca Trinchera over recent years and who has been of great assistance to my firm in connection with the obtaining of advice with regard to the estates of two deceased’s clients in Italy and in resolving these matters quickly and smoothly.

In both cases there were questions of Italian succession law to be addressed, aspects of Italian tax law, the completion of title to Italian heritable property and the sale of this property on behalf of one of my late clients’ executors.

Throughout my dealings with Luca who I have found to have an excellent understanding of both spoken and written English he has carried out his work in a very professional manner, providing prompt and accurate advice and dealing efficiently with all issues raised.

During the course of this work Luca has also been extremely punctilious in dealing with funds passing through his hands and in providing a full and proper accounting for all monies received to both my firm and my clients.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Luca as a correspondent for carrying out legal work in Italy on behalf of a client.

Yours faithfully
Ian A MacDonald